Partnering with Advance Concepts™


Investment Criteria

Transformative or Disruptive: transformative to profitability, new market, new offering

Cross KII + Market Relevant: at least (2) businesses, market pull, aligned focus area‍

High Business Priority: senior leadership willing to be a sponsor or champion

Business Investment: provide talent, resources, and time

Direct Profitability: investment opportunity where we get better returns

Progress Already Made: articulate problem, MVP concept, idea of target customer

Operating Model

Discover: identify, define, and vet potential problem or opportunity area (outcome: assessment and

Validate: accelerate the learning by experimenting on a problem of opportunity to validate the value potential (outcome: proof of concept, proof of value)Value Assessment – Determine the best way to capture the value

Capture Value: execute on the best way to profitably capture value (outcome: acquire, partner, build the solution)


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